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Adam Dunnells grew up in small town Winchester, Virginia where he spent most of his life before venturing out to the West Coast to pursue a career in acting.  Growing up in Virginia, Adam played football and was the quarterback of his high school football team and he also waited tables as a teenager.  Adam attended college in Virginia for computers and has a degree in IT.  During this time he worked as a computer technician and a network engineer before deciding that the 9-5 life was not for him so he packed up his things and ventured West.

Adam has been living in Los Angeles since 2007 pursuing his acting career.  During this time he used to work as a security guard for clubs to make ends meet.  Adam is gaining recognition and has a growing list of acting credits with some of the more notable primetime TV appearances including American Horror Story, Monster - The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Pam and Tommy, Criminal Minds, and many more. 

When not acting, Adam enjoys lifting weights, sightseeing, watching TV and movies, going to the beach, relaxing with friends, shooting guns, paintball, bowling, and Adam’s favorite activity, eating! 

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